Shillong teer result today | Shillong teer today result

     Here in the teer result Shillong, we post Shillong teer result today from Monday to Friday. First-round(F/R) at 4.4.00 pm second round(S/R) at 5.5.00 family. Read the full article to know everything about Shillong teer result today.

What is Shillong Teer?

     It is the name of a daily lottery game in Shillong the main capital of Meghalaya. The real meaning of the word ‘teer’ is a Hindi word meaning ‘arrow’.

Shillong teer common number

     It is a probability number calculated from Shillong teer previous result of one day before result. In this Shillong teer common number, there are three types Direct, House and ending for each First round(F/R) and Second round( S/R).

     Direct is is a two-digit figure which probability to come as it is the result. House is a one-digit figure 0 to 9 which is probable to occur in the first digit of the result and Ending is also one-digit figure 0 to 9 which is probable to occur in the Ending digit or result. In this website, we provide Shillong Teer result today, dream number.

Shillong teer previous result

Shillong teer result today

It is the previous results of Shillong teer results today. Teer players who bet daily in Shillong Teer, Previous teer result is very important for them. Shillong teer previous result of all time.

Dream number

     Teer players believed that their last night dream indicated a dream number. There are different types of numbers for different dreams. Click here:- You can check all dream numbers. Find your dream figure and play your dream number. And you can win in Shillong teer result today

Shillong Teer result calculation

     In this lottery game, every day they release two number. They release the first number at 4.0 pm and we call First round( F/R) and second number at 5.0 pm and we call it Second round(S/R) in Shillong Teer result today.
     In this game there are a number 00 to 99 numbers, you have to choose one between them. If your chosen digit occurs in the result you will win. The game lottery played by 100 arrows shot on a target for each of round. If only 1 arrow of 100 hit the target the result will be 01 and if 2 results will be 02.

     Many types of lottery game betting in Teer they are B/S, F/C and S/C etc. If you bet B/S only the digit you bet should occur in Shillong Teer result today and if you win you will get ( your money X 1/2 X 80 ) = your win money.

     If you bet in F/C your betting figure of structure will like 01 x 04, 23 x 29 if both the figure occurs in the result you will win and you will get ( your money X 1/2 X 4000) = your win money.

Booked number of Shillong

     Some of the new teer player who has not proper information. Why they bet on a specific figure someday. This happens because the number is booked on that day. How a number can be booked? There is only a certain amount of money is allowed to book in a single figure like if you bet B/S it can be 100k rupees or if you bet in F/C it will be 10k rupees.

     They apply this rule because there are many peoples who want to bet number with lakhs of rupees. If he supposes the wins it will hard for the counter to distribute money to the winner. The winning prize would be in crores. Thus the set an amount of maximum money bet each number.

Shillong teer result online

     There are many websites who provide Shillong Teer results online some of them are,,,, etc. They provide Shillong Teer result today but not all teer like juwai ladrymbai teer, khanapara teer, Manipur teer, night teer.

     But here on our website, you can get almost all the results of teer in only place, you don’t need to visit different pages for different teer results. we update daily teer result at result time every day.

     In this website, we also update daily Shillong Teer result today, Shillong Teer common number, Shillong Teer result, Shillong teer previous result, Shillong Teer result list. You want to earn money from Teer you need to stay updated with all of this. Follow our website for daily updates of teer. Go to the beginning of the article for Shillong teer result today.

Shillong teer hit number

     Also, we provide hit the number or common number. You can check Shillong common number on our website. There many YouTubers and Facebook page which provide daily hit numbers. We use previous Shillong teer result to calculate hit figure.
The hit number has the probability to occur in the result but not guaranteed. But peoples who play regularly Teer show interests in it. Day by day teet players are increasing thus they changed algorithm. Now the calculation of hit number is harder than before.

     You also need to know that, there is no fixed number in this game. Many of expert players researched but they got nothing. There is no fixed figure, there is no one who can provide it.

     Why do you need to know this? There are many peoples who fraud peoples by telling them they will provide a fixed figure in the change of lots of money. But they are fake and they fraud peoples in the name of it. You should know if they know why they don’t bet and win? They are a fraud.
To calculate teer hit figure you check Shillong previous teer results and calculate for hit figure. For Shillong teer result today you should go to the first paragraph of this page.

Difference between Shillong and Shillong Teer.

     Some of you can confuse between Shillong and Shillong game. Shillong it is the main capital of Meghalaya. It is not the name of the game. And Shillong Teer is a betting game lottery. They play this game in the capital city. Shillong is a very beautiful capital surrounded by hill station and there are many waterfalls and beautiful places to visit. It is called Scotland of India and rock capital of India.

Different teer game in northeast India

     Different types of teer games in northeast juwai and ladrymbai teer which is also played in juwai and ladrymbai town of Meghalaya and Manipur teer which is played in Manipur state and Nagaland teer which is played in the Nagaland state, Bhutan teer which is played in Bhutan, Night teer which is played in night time in Shillong etc.
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Is this a legal game

     All over India gambling is illegal in most of the states except some. In Meghalaya teer is legal and there some more states in northeast India where it is legal. However,r it is not legal in Assam but there are many illegal teer games running in Assam. Thousand of teer betting agents have a license to sell lottery for Shillong teer result today by the government.

History of Shillong Teer

     There is not too much proof to confirm it but peoples believe that firstly the teer game had started in starting of 20th century in Meghalaya. And the main tribe of Meghalaya Khasi tribe believe archer is their traditional sport. But the teer was banned in the state before 1982.

     The teer game Shillong teer result today had become legal after 1982 by the government after realising that the government can collect a huge amount of tax from teer game. The Meghalaya amusements and betting tax department of Meghalaya control betting teer in Meghalaya.
      From some sources, we knew that the daily tax collection of teer in Meghalaya is 2 lakh to 2.5 lakh daily and 60 lakh to 70lakh monthly. And It is a good source of revenue for the Meghalaya government and thus, teer is still not banned in Meghalaya by government. And here are lakhs of people in India who daily play teer across northeast India and in Bangladesh. You can read about this on Wikipedia of Shillong teer result today https://en.m.wikipShillong/wiki/Shillong